Daksha acts on Ajith’s advice to prevent Corona virus

Daksha’s act at Ajith’s suggestion to stop Corona from coming

The thing that Daksha does in Ajith’s suggestion is to prevent corona from coming

We all know that Ajith was a bike racer before he came into the acting industry. After his acting career, he participated in an international car race. Advanced to F1. He was later appointed as a consultant to the Daksha Organization, a drone taxi designed for drones.

Today, coronavirus is spreading rapidly in India, threatening people all over the world. It is spreading very fast, especially in Tamil Nadu, and the Central and State Government are taking various measures to prevent this. Currently 21 days 144 curfew decree, with the wind through the house to this virus attack risk because Tamil Nadu over all in the streets, apartments, office buildings, all of the infection spread, the idiots on the advice of the designer of the drone by taxi antiseptic spray Chennai h The municipality has decided. Accordingly the test drive was held yesterday (26.03.2020).

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