John Wick – 4 Review

The closest friends turn enemies! The closest aids lose their lives! It’s one final big game to wind up the long pending war of hostilities and bloodshed. John Wick (Keanu Reeves) in this latest outing almost becomes a superhero bumping off zillion baddies without getting stuck by the bullets, and not hurting himself despite the roll down of 1000 steps and the fall from the skyscrapers.

From the first minute, with the walk-in intro of Bowery King and his pitbull, who asks “Are you Ready John?”, it’s a relentless action sequence. The most intriguing part about the film is the director’s ability to set the ambience before flagging off the incessant action blocks. The emotions keep sprouting up over and again, especially with the conversations and face-offs between the former friends – John Wick and Caine. The franchise has ritually inclined to the theory of aggrandizing ‘Male Alpha Rules’ and the fourth installment is no exception. The fans have ardently loved John Wick not just for the action blocks alone, but the appealing quotes. The Chapter Four brings it all in plenty. “Those who incline to Death – Live, and Those who incline to Life – Die”, “There are Men who have reason to Live! There are Men Who have reason to Die! There are Men, who have reason to Kill,” and there are lots more of this paradigm that keeps the fans exhilarated throughout the show.

Regarding the performances, there’s nothing new you could expect from the cast and crew. They are all tailor-made for their respective roles, and they never disappoint us. The greatest pillars of this film are the stunt team and the cinematography department that has worked magic. 95% of the film is set against the backdrops of night time, and it’s done with an impeccable style.

The ending might give an ambiguous references like the ‘Pitt Bull Dog’ suddenly looking somewhere (Or it was a coincidental factor) that gives a small lease of hope for the fans awaiting ‘Chapter 5’, but then, the post-credit scenes do create an assumption that the universe of John Wick will expand further.

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