65 Million Years Ago – Review;

Sony Pictures Entertainment India presents 65 Written, produced and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the script writers of A Quiet Place (2018), a horror thriller, this sci-fi thriller which is certain to draw the audience to the edge of their seats deliberates on the disastrous consequences of a crash landing on an unknown planet. The pilot Mills (Adam Driver) least expected that the unknown planet where he has crash landed is Earth, 65 million years ago!
There is only one other survivor, Koa (Ariana Greenblatt) and the duo has to stumble and struggle for survival in an unknown landscape inhabited by Dinosaurs and other pre-historic animals!

Whether they both make it back alive or, fall fatally to the dangerous environ infested with deadly dangerous beasts is all what the movie is about!
Cast-Chloe Coleman (as Nevine) and Nika King (as Alya)
Cinematography-Salvatore Totino
Music-Danny Elfman/Chris Bacon
Edited by-Josh Schaeffer/Jane Tones
Production Team-Sam Raimi, Scott Beck, Bryan Woods and Deborah Liebling
Release by Sony Pictures in English, Tamil, Telugu & Hindi

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